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  • Ceramics Industries

    Ceramics Industries

    Our Water Washed China Clay (kaolin) is Used in Ceramic Products, Insulators, and Refractory. in Ceramic Product, China Clay (kaolin) Aids Accurate Control of Molding Properties, and Adds Dry and Fired Strength, Dimensional Stability, and a Smooth Surface Finish to the Ware. the Excellent Dielectric Properties and Chemical Inertness of China Clay (kaolin) Make It Well Suited for Porcelain Electrical Insulators. in Refractory Applications, the Dimensional Stability, High Fusion Point, and Low Water Content, Along with High Green Strength, Make Water Washed China Clay (kaolin) An Important Constituent.

  • Sanitary Ware

    Sanitary Ware

    Our water washed China clay (Kaolin) gives white firing & excellent refractory properties to sanitary ware. Also due to soft & nonabrasive structure water washed China clay (Kaolin) gives smooth surface to sanitary ware.

  • Paper


    Water washed China clay (Kaolin) has been used in paper making industries for many years, both as a coating pigment and as a filler to replace fiber. China clay (Kaolin) is especially suited for paper applications because it possesses desirable optical properties, is generally chemically inert and is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other minerals.

  • Soap and Detergent

    Soap and Detergent

    OWe are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of China Clay Powder for Soap & Detergent Manufacturing. We Supply a superior grade China Clay Powder for manufacturing Soap & Detergent. It is a Micronized Fine powder which has lamellar or platy particle shape and chemically inert which improves rheology & Opacity. The combination of platy shape and fine particles size results in improved characteristics and makes it very suitable China Clay for Soap & Detergent Manufacturing.

  • Cosmetics


    In cosmetics and personal care products, kaolin is used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, as well as add absorbency, texture, and bulk to products. It is commonly found in face powders, face masks, creams and lotions for oily skin, bath powders, foundation, powdered blush, deodorants, and soaps.

  • Rubber


    Water washed China clay (Kaolin) is used as a filler in many rubber goods. It adds strength, abrasion resistance, and rigidity to both natural and synthetic rubber products. In general, most rubber products extrude more easily after China (Kaolin) filler is added. The major reason that kaolin is used in rubber compounds is its whiteness and low cost. Although China clay (Kaolin) costs less than most other rubber pigments, it has excellent functional properties.

  • Paint


    Water washed China clay (Kaolin) is used in paint because it is chemically inert and insoluble in the paint system, has a high covering power, gives the paint desirable flow properties, and is low in cost. China clay (Kaolin) reduces the amount of expensive pigments, such as titanium dioxide. China clay (Kaolin) assists with desired rheological properties that help maintain proper dispersion.

  • Cement


    Raw China clay (Kaolin) is used in cement industries. This raw China clay (Kaolin) is reach in alumina. Also having low Iron, Titanium & chromium & that’s why very much suitable for cement application.

  • Pesticides


    Water washed China clay (Kaolin) is used as a carrier and diluents in fertilizers, pesticides and related products. Due to its platy structure, China clay (Kaolin) is very suitable as a carrier because it aids the retention of the formulation on the plant.

  • Foundry


    For many years there has been a requirement for high quality silica sand in the Foundry industry. Foundries use a clean, well graded sand to produce moulds for the production of metal castings which are the basis of engineering and manufacturing industries across the world.

  • Oil Drilling

    Oil Drilling

    As shell, silica sand is also very useful for oil drilling. It is used to boost the production of oil. For this requirement, Silica should have round shape. It is must for the good quality.

  • Water Purification

    Water Purification

    Water filtration and water sanitation is huge demanding of silica sand. It required very clean and dust free silica sand without any clay content. It makes water very pure drinkable.

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